The mission for our movement is to create an avenue that allows freedom of expression to be possible through music’s infinite power. Tortoise and the Hare is grounded in the creation and support of community while nurturing the paths of each individual. This movement is not exclusive, rather we as a whole strive to include those who desire to participate in releasing positive actions into our environment (i.e. music, lyrics, art, dance, ridiculous fun reality, etc…). To become whole we must as human beings learn to come together through what we were naturally given:freewill, heart, culture, earth, sun and moon, rhythm, love and an open mind. You may see this movement in its tangible form parked in the middle of a field bumping loud sounds out of our mobile soundsystem. Dressed in costume and running around, jumping all over inanimate objects. Our intentions are positive and not hostile. We believe in diplomacy and not violence. Communication is that of most importance in this movement. We invite you to join us at any event in the future. We will try to post as much current info as possible of gigs, random spontaneous outings or shows of artists that we support. We are all creative and have the potential to do something great with our lives.

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The new and better understanding of the story of Tortoise and the Hare is not that slow and steady win the race, rather it is that the Hare’s  pride and ego make him out to be better then all the other creatures because he can run fast, which eventually is his undoing.  As a child this seems obvious, for everyone knows that the Hare would have won if he wasn’t so egotistically minded in thinking he could take a nap in the middle of the race. The issue of combating pride and ego applies to the Tortoise as well, for even though he won the race this doesn’t make him better then the Hare. All of this could have been resolved at the end of the race.  Instead of the Hare walking off in shame, which eventually only creates more problems, the Tortoise could have  used that moment to reassure the Hare that he really is fast but that being fast doesn’t make him better then any one else.  ‘For remember,’ said the Tortoise ‘ everyone just runs at there own speed.’