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The Occupy Movement will grow with the deterioration of the USA economy, since the USA’s negative decline impacts the majority of Americans, and this will lead to a lasting change that will alter the world forever.  It may not be called The Occupy Movement as time goes on, since it has taken many shapes over the years, but the majority of American’s will continue to struggle to maintain a level of humanity causing greater rifts in the USA system of doing business.  For what happens to housing prices when less and less people can afford the prices for the many of homes that stand vacant and instead people just Occupy those homes?  This doesn’t mean revolution, as in a change of government, but it does mean that certain ways of doing business will have to change. This doesn’t mean that the wealthy will cease to exist or that they will not use that wealth to try to corner the market and become even more wealthy, but it does mean that much of that won’t matter when the infrastructure of the country crumbles.  For the great mistake of all Empires is that the wealthy become so glutenous that they forget that everyone, rich and poor, depend on the same infrastructure for survival.  And this change isn’t bad it’s just hard for many suffer.  What I hope to see from this change is for American’s to remember there roots of a hard working inventive people who can use our diversity as a strength to build rather than destroy.  And The Occupy Movement is just part of a far bigger change that is taking the world by storm over the last couple of years being seen in other movements like that of Austerity protests in Europe with price hikes, The Arab Spring, the continued struggles of African nations against governmental corruption and resource raiding by foreign interests, Palestine’s struggle for self determination,Turks striving for open urban spaces and anti religious dogma as political policy, Brazilians demanding greater social investment rather then prices hikes on basic services, and the list goes on and on.  With greater change comes greater oppression, sometimes by creating false movements to mislead, but no matter how great the oppression the majority always win over time.

There are conspiracies and there are facts. Its time we face the facts of what our government is doing in our name and with our money.


This is the beginning of a series that I will be posting of current news photos that I have collected that struck me as powerful messages of the changing world around us.  I hope you find them to be the same…….

This article was written in the summer 2010 edition of Adbusters and it does a good job of summing up a point of political discussion that I have been having with people over the past several years about USA militarism destroying not only others way of life but also our way of life here at home.

We were blessed to have heard Cornel West speak in September when he came through San Francisco.  The immensity of his energy filled the room upon his entrance and kept the crowd perched on his words throughout the several hours of presentation.  May his knowledge spread throughout the world to help us overcome our daily struggle.

Thanks for the wise words Utah Phillips.

If you are not familiar with this man click here to learn more.

San Francisco Art and Politics: Imagination. Nature. Conflict/ Spring 2010

Looking out across the diverse group of people that milled around the police barricade at Treat and 24th street I was reminded  of our complacency.  Rather then everyone dancing, making music, and otherwise getting wild in the street, we instead stared on at these performers as though we were waiting for something.  What that something was I’m not sure?  When editing this film a couple of important ideas formed in my brain.  One was the presence of the Haiti float that reminded me that the earthquake damages demands our support (here is a good organization for such a thing   The second was that the Bolivian dancers amazing colors reemphasized our necessity for our local communities to join  with World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth so that we can create and support the positive changes for ecological justice we want to see in the world on a global scale.