This will be the place that we put fliers, hot spots, resources, and other goodies that we come across in our adventures in this majestic land we call home.

Dixie De La Tour Presents

“Sex Wonk”

Real Dirty Stories, told by
Real Dirty People.

Bawdy Storytelling is a monthly storytelling event in San Francisco that features real people sharing their bona fide sexual exploits in 10 minutes or less. For more information check out


Some friends that work at Big Swingin Cycles mashing the mountains of Pacifica.

This came from the Kush No. Cal. Jan. 2011

San Francisco Art and Politics: Imagination. Nature. Conflict/ Spring 2010




Artist transform the sprawling metropolis into a living breathing world that we all want to live in. Thank you Burning Men and Women for bring your gifts of creativity to our world and for making them free to the public. For information about Burning Man Art and its connection to our local scene click here




An important activity that happens and has been happening every last Friday of the month in San Francisco since 1992. Get out and meet your neighbor with a friendly ride through the streets. For more info click here.